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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use VLOOKUP formula in Excel?

Use the Vlookup formula in Microsoft Excel to retrieve the names of the students. The vlookup formula in excel is written as follow: =VLOOKUP (Reg. No., in worksheet range, column no. in the worksheet range, [exact/Approximate match]) The above explanation will result in the following: =VLOOKUP (F3,$A$2:$D$21,2,TRUE).

What you should know about Excel VLOOKUP?

23 things you should know about VLOOKUP How VLOOKUP works VLOOKUP is a function to lookup up and retrieve data in a table. ... VLOOKUP only looks right Perhaps the biggest limitation of VLOOKUP is that it can only look to the right to retrieve data. ... VLOOKUP finds the first match In exact match mode, if a lookup column contains duplicate values, VLOOKUP will match the first value only. ... More items...

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