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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 000webhost 100% free?

Like any other hosting service out there, 000webhost too has premium plans but since our goal is to set up a website for free, let’s focus on what their 100% free plan has to offer. You’re allowed to host 1 website with 300 MB disk space and bandwidth up to 3 GB.

What programming languages does 000webhost support?

Free web hosting is also an amazing platform to start and learn coding, as it supports the most popular programming languages such as PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS and more! Is 000webhost secure? All 000webhost servers use advanced firewalls and include DDoS protection.

Should I use 000webhost as a sandbox?

As an example, 000webhost was hacked in 2015 which resulted in data on over 13 million customers being stolen. Because of these factors, I highly recommend you consider 000webhost as a sandbox where you can try out new stuff or ideas.

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