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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 000webhost really free?

Well, it’s not only for capturing your attention: there are indeed some important facts about 000Webhost (and free hosting in general) that any webmaster needs to keep in mind. In this review we will dig a bit deeper than just saying that “000Webhost is free, and what price can be better than 0?!” by rephrasing our question as follows:

What programming languages does 000webhost support?

Free web hosting is also an amazing platform to start and learn coding, as it supports the most popular programming languages such as PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS and more! Is 000webhost secure? All 000webhost servers use advanced firewalls and include DDoS protection.

How do WordPress inodes work on 000webhost?

On 000Webhost, each new WordPress plugin you install and each new image you upload will count towards your inode limit. This might sound like gibberish, but it’s worth considering the fact that even WordPress core (i.e. a fresh installation with no plugins at all) takes up around 20% of your allotted inodes at 000Webhost.

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