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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is 100 acres of land?

You’re excited about the possibilities, but first, you need to know how much land you have. So how big is 100 acres of land? Since one acre is approximately 43,560 square feet, that makes 100 acres 4,356,000 square feet. In other words, the amount of land you own is tremendous!

How many homes can you build on 100 acres?

By adding up your acreage to 100 acres in all, you could now build your own community of 180,000 homes. Remember, you have just about as much space available as Minnesota’s Mall of America, the biggest of its kind in the US.

How many malls can you build with 100 acres of land?

Most malls are only 400,000 square feet, so you could build a few malls of normal size or one super-mega-mall. If you’ve somehow been fortunate enough to receive 100 acres of land, you’re going to have so much land that you won’t know what to do with it all.

How big is the White House compared to 100 acres?

Although the White House itself sits on 18 acres of land, the house itself is 1.50 acres. That’s enough room for six stories with 35 bathrooms, three kitchens, 16 guest and family rooms, and 132 other rooms. You’d have 65 times the space of the White House with 100 acres of land!

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