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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an external hard drive cost?

Cost: $500–$3,000 Whenever your hard drive starts making strange noises, experiences an unfortunate encounter with water, or simply dies without any warning, you have a big problem because mechanical issues can be very expensive to repair, requiring replacement components, advanced techniques and equipment, and controlled cleanroom environment.

Is a 80GB hard drive enough?

By most measures, 80GB is still a staggering amount of storage. A drive of this size provides enough room for 20,000 four-minute MP3 songs, 8,000 3.3M-pixel digital photos or a stack of printed text roughly 4,000 feet high. That sounds like plenty of storage, until you start editing video files.

How large is a 1TB hard drive?

1TB (terabyte) is equivalent to 1,000,000 megabytes. When put in the context of other electronic devices, 1TB has roughly the same amount of storage as eight (128 GB) iPhones. That would also be...

What is a terabyte hard drive?

The terabyte hard drive is the world's most common (large) external hard drive storage consumer product. Previously the preserve of large corporations and universities, it is gaining in popularity in homes, offices, and schools the world over.

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