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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the math behind the 15 percent threshold for delegates?

The math’s implications: That 15 percent threshold can make the delegate results swing wildly depending on how many candidates meet it and how much support those candidates get. If almost all of the vote is cast for candidates meeting the threshold, the results will look proportional.

What happens if only one candidate gets 15% of the delegates?

If one candidate is the only person to clear 15 percent, they get all of the delegates at stake. And in a contest where delegates are allotted proportionally, it’s a huge win for any candidate to be able to scoop up 100 percent of them somewhere. So in a messy race like this, it’s not just about who wins.

What is the minimum number of votes needed to allocate delegates?

But another crucial step here is that the votes for any candidates getting below 15 percent are then excluded from the count for the purposes of delegate allocation. Delegates are actual people and can’t be split into fractions. So we need to end up with whole numbers here.

What percentage of Delegates are awarded to each state?

First off, around 65 percent of delegates across the country are actually awarded according to the results in individual districts — not states. The above formula (from the 15 percent threshold to rounding) gets applied in every district.

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