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What was the silhouette of the 1860s?

T he silhouette of the 1860s was defined by the cage crinoline or hoop skirt (Fig. 1), a device that emerged in the late 1850s, consisting of a series of concentric steel hoops attached with vertical bands of tape or braid (Cumming 37).

What was the fashion like in the 1860s?

Technology and invention was evident in the fashion of 1860s women. Firstly, the use of the sewing machine grew exponentially, especially after the Civil War broke out in the United States instantly causing an enormous demand for ready-to-wear military uniforms (Tortora 358).

What were the sleeves like in the 1850s?

Sleeves were dropped, set into an armscye below the natural shoulder. The wide, bell-shaped “pagoda” sleeves of the 1850s, always filled with large, ballooning undersleeves called engageantes, continued to be fashionable (Fig. 6). More frequently, sleeves of the 1860s began to close at the wrist and took on many varieties.

What kind of hats were worn in the 1860s?

The silk top hat remained the predominant choice, reaching tall heights in the early 1860s. It was seen with frock coats, morning coats, and even sack jackets.

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