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Why did food become so popular in the 1860s?

Because of the increasing availability of canned goods, refrigerated railroad cars and manufactured dairy products; a wider variety of foods were available to Americans. In 1860, they purchased five million canned goods, the largest volume being purchased in the West.

What are some interesting facts about the year 1860?

1860 The population of the U.S. is now 31,443,321. Farmers are 58% of the labor force. There are about 2,044,000 farms, averaging about 199 acres. 1860 Obed Hussy died. Invented a horse drawn reaper. 1860 The U.S. has about 30,000 miles of railroad tracks. 1860 George A. Hormel was born on Dec 4 (died June 5, 1946).

What did people eat during the Civil War?

Some "German fried" their potatoes, while urban restaurants began serving a new dish by the end of the Civil War: "French fried" potatoes. Rice was usually served only in rice-producing regions. Vegetables were generally overboiled, and only wealthy Americans ate green salad.

What kind of food did Americans eat in the 1800s?

Even in town, Americans maintained the farm practice of fortifying oneself for a hard day of work. Middle-class Americans ate beefsteak or pork, eggs, fried potatoes, fruit pie, hotcakes and coffee. In cold weather, porridge became popular.

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