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Frequently Asked Questions

What did men wear in the 1860s?

The men in the image below display a number of common 1860s men's fashions. The wide, tubular trousers and long sack coat are seen on the man standing in the foreground. The wide trousers were popular throughout the decade, while the baggier jacket style remained popular only during the early years of the 1860s.

What was the silhouette of the 1860s?

T he silhouette of the 1860s was defined by the cage crinoline or hoop skirt (Fig. 1), a device that emerged in the late 1850s, consisting of a series of concentric steel hoops attached with vertical bands of tape or braid (Cumming 37).

How did fashion change in the 1860s?

During the 1860s, the cage crinoline allowed women’s skirts to reach their apex in size, while menswear relaxed into wide, easy cuts. Advances in technology, such as the sewing machine and aniline dyes, and the rise of Parisian couture, beginning with the House of Worth, changed the fashion landscape.

What did hats look like in the 1860s?

Fashion in the 1860s – Hats The hats are then added with bows or fur with respect to the weather. if it is the summer, it is a bow and fur is used for the winter. For young children, the hats were kept very simple with small bows and decorated with either daisy and small flowers. The men wore bell hats with the brims curves on the sides.

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