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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Model 1903 national match rifle worth?

The stock at the top is the profile found on the Model 1903 National Match rifle, while the bottom example is off a Model 1903A1 National Match rifle. Full at the butt, it came with a shotgun-type steel buttplate. These rifles were originally sold for $40.44 through the Director of Civilian Marksmanship.

How many M1903 national match specials were made?

1 Model 1901 predecessor to the M1903 rifle (unfinished receiver only) 2 Model 1903 rifle with rod bayonet (all but a few hundred were later modified to take the knife bayonet) 3 Model 1903 rifle in .22 caliber for training (known as the Hoffer-Thompson) 4 Model 1903 National Match Special- one of about 150 made with special stocks More items...

What kind of rifle is a 1903 A3?

Model 1903A3 National Match rifle- one of 140 made before they realized the design was worthless. Model 1903 NRA Sporting rifle, used as the basis for a classic 1930s style sporting rifle.

What kind of rifle is the Springfield National Match Rifle?

We have developed techniques which unlock accuracy previously thought impossible in a fully-stocked iron-sight military rifle. O ur most popular version of the Springfield rifle is the NMA Springfield National Match Rifle, constructed specifically for CMP Springfield Match competition.

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