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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of scope mounts do you have for a 1903 rifle?

Scope mounts for your vintage 1903/A3, 1903/A4, and 1903 rifle. We offer receiver mounts and long eye relief scope mounts. Add a scope to your old military rifle to increase accuracy and increase distance.

Who makes the S&K 1903A4 scope?

It is made by S&K Scope Mounts and it is called the “Insta-Mount.” With the new replica M73B1 scope being sold by Gibbs Rifle company , it is hard to distinguish an S&K 1903A4 from a real 1903A4.

What happened to the model 1903A3 rifle?

The Model 1903A3 designation was left on the Model 1903A4 receiver. It has been suggested that any rifles that failed inspection as a sniper rifle could be returned to the factory and reissued as an infantry rifle.

Was the Weaver M8 used on the model 1903A4 sniper rifle?

At no time was the Weaver commercial M8 telescopic sight used officially on the Model 1903A4 Sniper Rifle. The Weaver M8 should not be confused with the military M8 which was the designation for the Winchester A5 telescopic sight used on very early sniper rifles in 1918 and through the 1920s, and supplied as aiming aids on some artillery pieces.

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