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Frequently Asked Questions

What is traffic violation 21461?

Failure to obey a sign or signal , 21461 (a), is perhaps the most vague moving violation in the entire vehicle code. This charge is used by police as a "catch-all" when they cannot remember a specific charge for which to cite you.

What is Penal Code 21461?

21461. (a) It is unlawful for a driver of a vehicle to fail to obey a sign or signal defined as regulatory in the federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, or a Department of Transportation approved supplement to that manual of a regulatory nature erected or maintained to enhance traffic safety and operations or to indicate and carry out the provisions of this code or a local traffic ...

What is ca violation 21461?

The fine for violation of California vehicle code section 21461 (a) vc is $234. The DMV point for violation of section 21461a is 1 point. Basically, it is a violation of section 21461 a vc for a driver to not obey traffic control devices such as signs and traffic signals or pavement markings.

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