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Frequently Asked Questions

How to initiate the 504 plan?

How to Get a 504 Plan or IEP in 12 Steps Document Warning Signs. Filing away his tests and quizzes. ... Schedule a Teacher Meeting. Set a time to meet with the teacher to discuss your concerns. ... Pursue a Diagnosis. ... Request a School Assessment. ... Evaluate Your Options. ... If You Disagree With The School's Assessment. ... Prepare for Your IEP/504 Meeting. ... Research Accommodations. ... Draft IEP With The Team. ... More items...

Is a 504 plan a good idea?

One option is a 504 plan. It assures your child gets special services or accommodations needed to keep up in classes. Getting a 504 plan is a good idea even if your child is already receiving extra help at school. It gives you added assurance they will continue to get the help for as long as they need it.

Why do I need a 504 plan?

A 504 plan is for those students who don’t need the support of special education with individualized instruction, but do need support with very specific issues that impact their school performance. It removes barriers to learning and allows students to be successful at school.

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