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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 5e companion app?

Whether you're a busy DM or a bold Player, the 5e Companion App is the app you should always have by your side. ◉ Spell, item, weapon and armor compendium! ◉ Encounter Generator, ready to save you from making tedious encounter calculations ever again! Why not better spend that time raiding a dungeon?

What is 5etools?

5etools is intended as an easily-accessible digital reference for products you already own. Please ensure you only access content in accordance with your local laws.

Where can I host 5etools?

Everything has tooltips. You will forever be a DM. You can host a copy of 5etools on anything that can run a basic webserver—examples include your computer, your phone, a Raspberry Pi, or a free EC2 / Compute Engine instance. Download the files, copy them into your server's root directory, and enjoy!

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