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Frequently Asked Questions

What states are in Central Daylight Time?

What states are in Central Daylight time? U.S. states using CDT in the summer and CST in the winter: Alabama. Arkansas. Florida – North-West parts Show. Illinois. Indiana – these few north-western counties near Chicago (Lake, Porter, La Porte, Newton, Jasper, Starke) and these south-western counties in Indiana near Evansville Show. Iowa.

When does Central Standard Time start?

In North America, Central Standard Time shares a border with Eastern Standard Time (EST) in the east and with Mountain Standard Time (MST) in the west. Central Standard Time (CST) is a standard time zone in use from the first Sunday in November to the second Sunday in March—when Daylight Saving Time (DST) is not in effect.

What cities are in CST time zone?

What cities are in CST time zone? Houston, Texas.Huntsville, Alabama.Iowa City, Iowa.Iron ...

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