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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the positions and numbers in 7v7 youth soccer?

7v7 youth soccer position and numbers. The positions and numbers for the players in a 7v7 youth soccer game are: 1 – Goalkeeper ; 2 – Right side defender; 3 – Left side defender; 4 – Central midfielder; 5 – Left side midfielder; 6 – Right side midfielder; 7 – Striker; Youth soccer positions: 8v8

What are the benefits of playing 7v7 soccer?

A common feature of youth soccer, 7v7 matches are a great way to hone players' skills and understanding of the beautiful game. Besides giving them more touches of the ball, the smaller space enables players to improve their technique, dribbling skills, and ball control as well as start developing a sense of positioning out on the pitch.

What is the best formation for 7v7 soccer?

The 2-3-1 is the most commonly used formation in 7v7 soccer. 2-3-1 Soccer Formation for 7v7 game As well as providing stability at the back, the two defenders help to support the midfield. At the same time, the midfielders support the striker upfront and the wide players in midfield can drop back to support the defense.

Can a 7v7 formation be a problem for the central defender?

Can be a problem for the central defender when he is left alone. In soccer top level today you will often see teams pressing really high with 3 players up front. With this formation you can do the same with 7v7 soccer formations.

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