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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a form 7200?

Generally, employers that file Form (s) 941, 943, 944, or CT-1 may file Form 7200 to request an advance payment of the tax credit for qualified sick and family leave wages, the employee retention credit, and/or the COBRA premium assistance credit.

Can a self-employed person file Form 7200?

Self-employed individuals and government employers cannot file Form 7200. Business owners who have submitted Form 941 for a quarter cannot request advance payment of refundable tax credits in the same quarter. What is the Deadline for Filing Form 7200?

Can I file Form 7200 multiple times?

If necessary, you can file Form 7200 several times during each quarter for subsequent payments that are eligible for credits; however, see Correcting or Amending Form 7200, earlier. Don't file the form to request an advance payment for any anticipated credit for which you already reduced your deposits.

Can I file a corrected or amended form 7200?

Correcting or Amending Form 7200. You can’t file a corrected or amended Form 7200. For example, if you requested an advance and then later learn that some of the wages weren't qualified wages or you're entitled to less of a credit on your employment tax return than you expected, you can't file a corrected or amended Form 7200.

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