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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight of a 8x8x16 concrete block?

An 8-by-8-by-16-inch concrete block weighs about 28 pounds. These blocks are used for a variety of different projects because they have a high compression strength of 1,800 pounds per square inch.

What is the standard size of a concrete block?

Concrete blocks, also known as concrete masonry units, cinder blocks and breeze blocks, come in a number of sizes, depending on the country of origin. Standard U.S. blocks, used throughout most of the world, are 16 inches long by 8 inches wide by 8 inches tall.

What are cement blocks?

A cement block may also be called a concrete block, a foundation block, or a concrete masonry unit (CMU). It is also known as a breeze block, a cinder block, or a clinker block. These blocks are made with a mixture of Portland cement, aggregate, and water.

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