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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of POSP optics?

The most common version is the 4x24 but there are a huge number of POSP optics and a wide range of magnification options available - 4x24, 6x24, 6x42, 8x42 and more, including some models that are variable power. Most will have an SVD mount like the one shown below but there are quite a number that have the MTK83 AK mount as well.

What is the size of a small POSP?

A few small versions are calibrated for 7.62x39 while the vast majority are calibrated for 7.62x54R. Some are also true mildot reticule POSP's.

Are POSP's made for civilian use?

I think it is safe to say that while some POSP's are clearly marked for civilian sales there is no doubt they are tough and well built optics that are built to high quality standards.

Are there any POSP's calibrated for 45x39?

I am not aware of any POSP's (or PSO's) calibrated for 5.45x39 but there are probably more variants of the Belorussian POSP than any other Russian or former Soviet optic I've seen yet.

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