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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the 990v4 so special?

The 990 continues its 30-year legacy of great performance and iconic style with the new women’s 990v4. It’s the perfect combination of cushioning and stability, wrapped up in a look that will last forever.

What is the difference between the New Balance 990v4 and 990v5?

Below are side by side specs of the men's 990v4 compared to the 990v5. The New Balance 990 is an icon of the footwear industry with over 3 decades of heritage. This made in USA classic has been updated to include superior comfort and stability, a sleeker design, and first-class materials with a premium build.

What is the difference between the 990 and 990 version 5?

The 990 version 5 tends to fit a touch wider than the 990 version 4. The toe box area is just a touch roomier but the heel remains snug fitting. New Balance added some additional cushion to the heel area which is a pleasant and noticeable change.

What are the uppers of the 990v5 made of?

The uppers of the 990v5 are pig suede with breathable mesh in targeted areas and 360 reflective accents for added safety in low-light running conditions. The updated New Balance 990v5 maintains the timeless clean silhouette carried over from previous generations.

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