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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I manage DNS settings using the A2 hosting customer portal?

To manage DNS settings using the A2 Hosting Customer Portal, you must use the default name servers. To use custom name servers, click Use custom nameservers, and then type the name server names in the text boxes. If you use custom name servers, you cannot manage DNS settings using the A2 Hosting Customer Portal.

What is A2 hosting A2 domain?

A domain is what you enter into a web browser to visit a website. For example, to visit A2 Hosting, you can enter the domain name into your browser. You can register domain names from A2 Hosting to get started with your website.

How do I renew my domain with A2 hosting?

If you decide to register your domain with A2 Hosting (and we hope you do because you'll have an excellent experience), make sure to setup automatic renewal for your domain. When domain auto-renewal is turned on, we will send you a renewal invoice ten days before your domain's expiration date.

Does A2 hosting care about my website speed?

It's obvious that A2 Hosting cares about your website's speed. That's why our goal is to offer the industry's fastest hosting service. After all, your site's speed has a direct impact on your bounce rate, visitor satisfaction, SEO rankings and most importantly your conversion rate.

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