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Frequently Asked Questions

What does A220 stand for?

The Airbus A220, previously known as Bombardier CSeries (or C Series ), is a family of narrow-body, twin-engine, medium-range jet airliners originally designed and built by the Canadian manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace, now marketed by Airbus and built by joint venture Airbus Canada Limited Partnership. The 108...

Is the Airbus A220 a customer-friendly aircraft?

The A220 is a customer-friendly aircraft. We’re talking gate-to-gate Wi-Fi, some of the widest economy seats around, and even a window in the spacious lavatory. Nope, no contorting to use the bathroom here.

What is the difference between Delta's A220 and A220 aircraft?

The airplanes have identical flight ranges (2,415 miles, 3887 km,) the big variable is passenger capacity. There are 109 seats on the Delta A220-100, and 130 seats on the A220-300 aircraft.

What is the range of the Airbus A220-100?

The corporate jet version of the A220-100 has a range of 10,460 km and a cabin area of 73 m 2 for 18 passengers. The first delivery is expected in 2023.

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