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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the abandoned properties in Toronto?

TORONTO -- Four Toronto properties that have been left abandoned for over a decade were sold to the highest bidder Thursday afternoon as the city looks to recover unpaid property taxes. The City of Toronto began the selling process on the four properties, known as a sale of land by public tender, earlier this month.

Can You claim abandoned real estate property?

When real estate property is physically abandoned, it’s rarely without a legal ownership but that doesn’t mean it can’t be claimed.

What happened to the owner of the house in Toronto's back yard?

Attempts to contact the owner in the back yard of the property went unanswered. Toronto Building has closed its most recent file that was securing the property. Magalhaes said that department has the lead for any future investigations and it will become involved again if the owner continues to live on the property.

How big is a black and white picture of an abandoned house?

Beautifully framed black and white print of a old vintage abandoned home in a wooden frame with a wide border and under glass. 17” wide by 32” high. Would be a interesting addition to any room in your home cottage or office. A great conversation piece, why was it abandoned, who lived there, intriguing.

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