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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the abandoned motel in Catskills NY?

The abandoned Motel in Catskills, New York. Its fading ghost sign beckons you back to another era. The motel is located on the former site of the Lasso House, a popular boarding house, which was constructed in 1876 by Myers.

Are there any ghosts at the old Catskill Game Farm?

No ghosts here—just faded impressions and abandoned buildings left behind when this zoo closed in 2006. Founded by Roland Lindemann in 1933, the farm was created to house 28 species of deer. The Old Catskill Game Farm became the first privately owned zoo in the Unites States, and a renowned Catskills attraction.

Where are the Catskills in New York?

The diverse region of the Catskills in southern New York is a short drive from the NYC/NJ/CT metro area, Northeastern Pennsylvania, the Capital Region of NY, and western Massachusetts and Connecticut. Click on the map to journey through the four distinct sub regions of the Catskills and explore all that awaits you.

What is it like to live in a Catskills mansion?

Nestled in a sleepy Catskills town is an imposing 19th century mansion that looks deceptively ordinary from the outside. Sure, there are some nice architectural flourishes including a dilapidated balcony and various bits of decorative millwork, but all in all, it’s not something you don’t see every day in these parts. Still, we were intrigued.

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