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What is the last abandoned bridge in North Carolina?

Less abandoned, more historical, the Bunker Hill Covered Bridge is the last of its kind in North Carolina. Where are your favorite hidden abandoned places in North Carolina?

Is the family inn of America in Rowland NC haunted?

Family Inn of America, Rowland After a tornado destroyed much of the Inn, an openly exposed inside sits rotting. Plant life and vegetation have now begun to claim the abandoned Inn. 3. Davis Hospital, Statesville Nothing says haunted and terrifying quite like an abandoned hospital.

Where is the Crudup House in NC?

"The Crudup house in Kittrell, NC. This is one of my favorites and another one where I could find an original picture of it. Josiah Crudup was a very large plantation owner in the area at the time.

What are the best abandoned Coast Guard stations in North Carolina?

Abandoned Coast Guard Station, Pea Island Hiding in the dunes, this old coast guard station now sits decaying in the salty air. Despite it's despair it remains in good condition and is a good site for explorers. 8. Yates Mill, Raleigh

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