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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of abandoned places that no longer exist?

When a building is in ruins, it may seem like it'll be around forever, but that's not the case. Here are 12 examples of amazing abandoned places that no longer exist. The world's beautiful and dramatic waterfalls.

What is lost places&Forgotten Faces about?

Lost Places & Forgotten Faces , based in Harrogate, was inspired after seeing Bear Grylls explore an abandoned Polish shipping yard to the point where he went to visit it himself. He said: "I booked my flights and went on my own in November 2019, with the goal of having a wander around a massive abandoned shipping yard, just like Bear Grylls did.

Is there a derelict building on every corner?

It seems there is a derelict building on every corner there! "However, I have travelled far to some small villages to find and explore something cool, such as an abandoned Royal Mail train in Hellifield near Skipton, and a disused Army Barracks in Acaster Malbis near York.

What do explorers do with abandoned buildings?

Thousands of explorers are spending their time researching, visiting and documenting old abandoned buildings situated both in remote, distant locations and hidden in the heart of urban areas.

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