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What is the most abandoned place in Tennessee?

10 Insane Abandoned Spots in Tennessee That May Give You Nightmares. 1 1) The Dotson School. Wayne Hsieh / Flickr. 2 2) Lonely In Rogersville. Rachel Gardner / Flickr. 3 3) Tennessee State Prison. Brent Moore / Flickr. 4 4) The Lost City of Loyston. Wikimedia. 5 5) Higdon Hotel. Joy Castello / Flickr. More items

What are some old buildings in Tennessee that are beyond repair?

OLD CLAIBORNE COUNTY JAIL Built in 1816. Tazewell, Tennessee. Abandoned Mooresville, TN. Out the back door was a porch, which was also beyond repair. 02.13.2014 Abandoned church - Chattanooga - Tennessee... I would venture through it Abandoned House-Nashville Tennessee This is an interesting old house located in Nashville, Tennessee.

Is there a town in Tennessee that was flooded?

Nestled in the green hills of East Tennessee, the original structure from 1890 isn't the most stable, but feel free to point a camera at the place. There were a couple of towns that were flooded during the creation of the Norris Dam in 1936. Completely inundated, this abandoned town exists in a watery grave. Eerie...

What is the oldest house in Shelby County TN?

The Stonecipher-Kelly House, the oldest standing settlement house in the county, is nestled at the foot of the Frozen Head Mountains, one of the few surviving relics of East Tennessee’s formative years. RELATED: Abandoned Places: Stonecipher-Kelly House

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