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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some abandoned places to visit in Pennsylvania?

Abandoned Places You Can Visit in Pennsylvania. 1 1. Bethlehem Steelstacks. Bethlehem. 2 2. Celestia. 3 3. Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike. 4 4. Fountain of Youth. 5 5. Bunkers of Alvira. More items

What is the abandoned PA Turnpike?

Once a critical section of the Pennsylvania Turnpike linking the eastern and western portions of the state, the 13-mile stretch of road known as the Abandoned PA Turnpike is a bit creepy, a bit fascinating, and a fun place to explore!

What is a company town in Pennsylvania?

Tucked away in the hills on Pennsylvania is an abandoned town, with rows of houses that sit eerily vacant. This is one of the best preserved examples of a company town, constructed to provide convenient and close living quarters for the industry workers of the Pennsylvania Limestone Company.

What are the best places to explore in Pennsylvania?

Brownsville is one of my all time favorite places to explore in Pennsylvania due to its sheer amount of history and numerous buildings. You’ll find the old and decaying Brownsville Hospital and with the nurses quarters to be the highlight of your trip. There are also a number of vacant houses hidden away in the woods if you can find them.

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