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Frequently Asked Questions

How to download old games on PC?

Open up the Internet Arcade or follow the link provided to the MS-DOS titles. Tab the POWER button in the middle of the screen. Allow the game to download to your browser. Hit Fullscreen (if that’s your thing) and dive headfirst back in time to when games were more than just intense graphics and cinematics.

Is abandonware safe?

Because of these obstacles, abandonware is fairly safe. Those who distribute it are unlikely to be fined and those who download it probably won’t sued. Yet this safety could vanish at any time. Of course, if a developer releases software for free, the story is different.

Is my abandonware legit?

Abandonware is not legal, to cut a long story short. A copyrighted work does not immediately become public property if the creator abandons it. Instead, the copyright on the work remains in effect until it expires, which varies by country. For example, a video game’s copyright typically lasts between 70 to 125 years.

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