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Frequently Asked Questions

Why AB Abasi concepts guitars?

Abasi Concepts guitars give visionary players the creative tools to break boundaries. Guitarists who seek to explore new realms of sound, responsiveness or ergonomics will discover exceptional sonic depth and playability.

What are the Abasi amplifiers?

At the core of Archetype: Abasi are three unique amplifiers meticulously designed from the ground up with Tosin to cover the entire sonic range his versatile and unique music requires.

Who is Abasi concepts?

As a result, Abasi founded Abasi Concepts which features a range of 6, 7 and 8 string instruments that feature his unique ergonomic design, locking tuners, signature Fishman pickups and unique wood combinations. Abasi started with Frank Falbo but had a public fallout with the builder over business issues.

Who is Tosin Abasi?

Tosin Abasi was born in Washington D.C. to Nigerian immigrants to the United States. His brother, Abdul Abasi, is a former drill sergeant in the United States military and is currently a fashion designer. Abasi is a mainly self-taught guitarist.

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