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Frequently Asked Questions

How did absolutism start in Spain?

The seeds of absolutism were really planted in Spain during the reign of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, also known as Los Reyes Catolicos (The Catholic Monarchs). Their main goal as king and queen was to reestablish royal control in the country.

What does absolutism mean in government?

Absolutism is a political theory in which the ruler holds complete and unquestioned power (by divine or natural law). In an absolutistic goverment, the only person who changes what the ruler is allowed to do is the ruler.

How long did absolutism last in Europe?

Timeline - How long did their reign last AND how long did Absolutism last in the country King of Spain: 16 January 1556 –13 September 1598 King of Portugal and the Algarves: 17 April 1581 –13 September 1598 King of England and Ireland: 25 July 1554 –17 November 1558

What was Spain like in its golden age?

Spain in its Golden Age, 1516-1659, offers a case study of the clash between the ideal of absolutism and the persistence of the varied groups on which the monarchy sought to impose its centralized, standardizing rules. The reigns of its two hard-working monarchs, Charles V (r. 1516-1556) and Philip II, span almost the entire century.

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