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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next school break?

School will start on August 26 next year and students and staff will get a full week off at Thanksgiving. The last day of school before Christmas break will be Dec. 20, and students will return to class Jan. 7, 2020. The last day of classes will be May 28, 2020.

When is school holiday?

In U.S school holidays typically include Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Friday, a winter break beginning on or before Christmas Eve through the day after New Year's Day (about 10 days), Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, Presidents' Day, spring break during the Western Christian Holy Week and sometimes the day after Easter (five or six ...

What are the school holidays?

School holidays are periods during which schools are closed from study. They are normally not counted as instructional days. School holidays are also termed as vacations, breaks or recess. The dates and periods of school holidays vary considerably throughout the world.

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