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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is aculon?

Aculon, Inc. is the leading provider of easy-to-apply, ultra thin surface modification technologies, supplying many industries including Electronics, Oil & Gas, and Specialty markets.

What is the Nikon aculon rangefinder?

At 3.6"x2.9"x1.5" in size, the ACULON Rangefinder is Nikon's most compact laser rangefinder, making it easy to take along wherever you go The ACULON rangefinder is conveniently programmed to display the range of the furthest target among a group of targets measured

Why choose aculon surface coating?

Aculon's surface coating solutions are available in VOC exempt options, are all PFOA free, and require minimal material usage, helping manufacturers to drastically reduce their environmental impacts– a win for all! Learn more here. #EarthDay2021 #sustainability #environmental #recycling #sustainable #climatechange #environment

Who is the new Global Business Development Manager at aculon?

Jens Kohnert will serve as Aculon’s Global Business Development Manager helping grow the Europe business and helping build Aculon’s global membrane and particle treatment business. Exciting new content coming down the pipeline!

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