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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some adjectives that describe a good person?

Patient - someone who is not in a hurry and can spend time helping other people. Hard-working - a person who puts a lot of effort into their work. Calm - a person who is relaxed and not nervous. Confident - someone who is self-assured and able to succeed. Intelligent - someone who has the ability to learn and understand things quickly. More items...

What are some adjectives that describe a person?

Personality adjectives are adjectives that we use to describe a person and their character or personality. Everybody is an individual so we all have different personalities. One of us may be kind and like to help other people. Another person may be lazy and prefer to sleep rather than work.

What are some unique words to describe people?

Keeping it positive, here are some good unique (infrequently used) adjectives to describe positive people qualities: Agile. Alert. Amiable. Artful. Attentive. Authentic. Balanced.

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