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Frequently Asked Questions

What is substance 3D painter?

Substance 3D Painter has the tools you need to texture your 3D assets, from advanced brushes to Smart Materials that automatically adapt to your model. Breathe life into your art. The industry standard. Substance 3D Painter is widely used in game and movie production as well as in product design, fashion, and architecture.

Is there a free substance 3D app?

Free Substance 3D for Students and Teachers License. Substance 3D Collection apps are available for free for students and teachers in higher education institutions. See FAQto learn moreabout theeligibilityconditions. Substance 3D Painter Texture 3D models in real time with this industry standard app. Learn more Substance 3D Sampler

How do I get Adobe substance 3D modeler?

Substance 3D Modeler Adobe Substance 3D Modeler will bring more sculpting possibilities to your Substance 3D workflow. Join the beta Step #1: Create your Adobe Account You’ll need an Adobe Account to get your redemption code and access Substance 3D apps. Already have an account? Go to step #2. Create an account Step #2: Submit Your Request

How often do I need to sign in to substance 3D painter?

You need to sign in periodically for licensing validation -- every 30 days for monthly members and every 99 days for annual members. Sign-in is also required when you download or update Substance 3D Painter. For more information, see Sign in to activate your Adobe apps. I purchased the wrong plan. How do I switch plans?

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