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Frequently Asked Questions

How many online courses do you offer for international adoption?

We offer a variety of online courses that meet the Hague's requirements for international adoption. 5 courses fulfill all 10 required credit hours. The package is offered at a 17% discount versus list prices per course. 8 courses fulfill all 12 required credit hours for adoption from China.

What is included in the adoption course?

The course discusses language, sleeping, eating, discipline and attachment. Many children available for international adoption have had experiences that will help shape their personalities.

Why take an adoption transition course?

From knowing what kind of information is important to have to anticipating potential stumbling blocks to a smooth transition, this course serves as a guide to anyone considering adopting a child older than an infant (whether internationally or from the US public welfare system).

How much does adoption advocacy training cost?

This course will help you determine eligibility, create record keeping systems and prepare for year-end tax planning. Upon completion of this course, you may purchase a certificate for $25. Advocacy begins even before a child joins her adoptive family and continues throughout her childhood.

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