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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AfterShip track button?

Learn about AfterShip Track Button. Tracking functionality can be easily enabled on the store with the AfterShip track button. It helps shoppers gain insights into their order status and provides an enhanced post-purchase experience. By embedding the Track Button to your store, shoppers can track shipments by entering the tracking number or it can be pre-input.

How do you track USPS package?

In order to track a USPS package online, go to and click on "Track and Confirm" to search for a package by providing a tracking number. Find all available tracking information for a USPS package with tips from an Internet consultant in this free video on Internet tools and uses.

How do you track a package?

To track a package going internationally, you should track it on the postal website of the originating country. The way international items are tracked is the destination country and any countries it passes through scan the bar code and transmit the tracking data to the originating country.

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