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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do during an aftershock?

Stay Safe After Wash your hands with soap and water after holding on to commonly touched surfaces or objects. ... Expect aftershocks to follow the main shock of an earthquake. ... If you are in a damaged building, go outside and quickly move away from the building. ... If you are trapped, send a text or bang on a pipe or wall. ... More items...

What is the difference between earthquake and Aftershock?

According to the Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC), the difference between an earthquake, also known as the mainshock, and an aftershock is that an aftershock follows closely in the wake of a larger earthquake and in approximately the same area as that earthquake. Earthquakes are usually more powerful and longer lasting than aftershocks.

What are aftershocks caused by?

In other words, aftershocks are mainly caused by the stress added to the crust by the initial earthquake. However, very few faults are found in glorious isolation within the crust. More often that not, other faults, that may have themselves accumulated a large amount of tectonic stress over the previous decades and centuries, will be found nearby.

What time does aftershock end?

Aftershock normally operates right afterschool until 6:00 PM Monday-Friday when school is in session. Funded in part by the 21st Century Community Learning Center's (21st CCLC) Continuation Grant, Aftershock provides after school and summer programming for 5th through 8th grade students throughout the school district.

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