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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of microchips does AKC Reunite have?

Pet Microchips and Universal Scanners | AKC Reunite 134.2 kHz ISO pet microchips available in singles, 5 and 25 count boxes. Each AKC Reunite pet microchip has a unique ID number that will not be duplicated.

What brands of microchips does AAKC reunite read?

AKC Reunite microchip scanners read all brands and frequencies of microchips currently sold in the US: 134.2 (ISO/International), 128 and 125 kHz.

When did AKC Reunite start helping lost pets?

Lost Pet Recovery Service | Pet Microchips | AKC Reunite Helping reunite lost pets with their owners since 1995 with pet microchips for dogs and cats & our nationwide lost pet recovery service.

How does AKC Reunite work for dogs?

When your dog is found, AKC Reunite will immediately call, email and text you to reunite you and your dog as quickly as possible. Even better, you can also include your pet’s microchip ID number for added protection and unlike other pet recovery services, we charge no annual fees for this lifetime protection.

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