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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AKC Reunite pet recovery service?

AKC Reunite pet recovery service links all of your important contact information to your dog’s AKC registration number that is printed on a custom AKC collar tag including our toll free pet recovery service phone number. When your dog is found, AKC Reunite will immediately call, email and text you to reunite you and your dog as quickly as possible.

How do I enroll my dog in AKC Reunite?

GET LOST AND FOUND PROTECTION THROUGH AKC REUNITE AND SAY, “YES! I LOVE MY DOG!” To enroll by mail, fill out the enrollment form (that was enclosed with your AKC registration certificate) and mail it to:

How can helphelping reunite lost pets?

Helping reunite lost pets with their owners since 1995 with pet microchips for dogs and cats & our nationwide lost pet recovery service.

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