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Frequently Asked Questions

What is scent work by AKC?

In AKC Scent Work, dogs search for cotton swabs saturated with the essential oils of Birch, Anise, Clove, and Cypress. The cotton swabs are hidden out of sight in a pre-determined search area, and the dog has to find them.

Are there any training seminars for AKC scent work judges?

Several training seminars for AKC Scent Work judges have been scheduled. These will satisfy the seminar option for new judge candidates and will count as continuing education for current judges. Any individual may attend–you do not need to be engaged in the judge application process to do so.

Are you eligible to compete in scent work?

Am I Eligible? To be eligible to compete in AKC Scent Work, a dog must be: 6 months of age or older. Scent Work trials, as with any AKC sport, are organized and held by AKC-Licensed or Member Clubs. The club is always your first contact regarding specific events. The official announcement of a club’s event is a called a Premium List.

What are the perscentwork rules for dogs?

Per Scent Work rules, dogs are required to enter and exit the search area on a leash. The leashes are required to be made of plain, pliable material. While any size leash is permitted, dogs need room to find hidden odors and alert you when they do.

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