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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you get when you register a dog with AKC?

1 Registration Certificate When you register your dog with us, you will receive your official AKC certificate. ... 2 Dog Name Check To register your dog with the AKC, your dog should have a unique name. ... 3 AKC Canine Partners This program is for registering mixed breeds or unregistrable purebred dogs. ... More items...

What is cond conditional AKC registration?

Conditional Registration is available only to those dogs/litters (and their offspring) that are registered with The American Kennel Club and a DNA discrepancy is discovered after registration. An individual dog’s registration can be reverted to Regular AKC Registration status by completion of three generations of DNA verified parentage.

What are the AKC guidelines for dog names?

Below are AKC guidelines that determine the acceptability of a name. Name choices are limited to (36) thirty-six characters. All letters in a dog's name are limited to the standard English alphabet. Registered Kennel Names cannot be included in a dog's name unless the use is authorized by the owner of the name.

Can a foreign born dog be registered with the AKC?

Foreign-born dogs may be eligible for registration in the AKC Stud book. Whether you have sold your AKC registered dog or are adding a co-owner, we’ve gathered the most commonly asked questions about transfers in one easy-to-access place.

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