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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alacrity about?

Welcome to a new era of service and quality. Alacrity, formerly Worley, has integrated its claims management and network service lines to provide business partners a comprehensive, end-to-end solution. See what we’re about. From damaged to done, we’re there.

Why work at Alacrity solutions?

Alacrity Solutions hires talented, motivated, and committed professionals to serve our customers across North America with “best in class” services. An international company with a local presence, we bring to bear the best technology and management resources available to achieve our clients’ objectives.

How do I contact the Alacrity it service desk?

To contact the Alacrity IT Service Desk by phone, call 985-542-2369. To contact the Alacrity IT Service Desk by email, contact [email protected] To access the Alacrity IT Service Desk Web Portal, click here.

What does Alacrity do in Destiny 2?

— In-game description. Alacrity is a boon unique to mesmers specialized as chronomancers and revenants with the Salvation and the Renegade specializations. It increases the rate at which skills recharge by 25%, therefore making skills recharge in 80% of the original time.

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