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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a high albumin level mean?

If your test shows high levels of urine albumin, or a rise in urine albumin, it could mean you have kidney damage or disease. If you have diabetes, one possible cause of an increased urine albumin is kidney disease (diabetic nephropathy). How is this test done? This test requires a urine sample.

What causes elevated microalbumin levels?

An acute increase in microalbumin level can occur from the presence of urinary tract infection or after a bout of vigorous exercise. If you have a moderate increase in microalbumin from one test, make follow up appointments with your physician to retest and confirm your levels. Work to lower your blood pressure back to normal range.

What is the normal range for microalbumin creatinine ratio?

Your doctor can help you understand what they mean. Normal: less than 30 micrograms (mcg) per milligram (mg) of creatinine Clinical albuminuria: More than 300 mcg/mg creatinine If there is albumin in your pee, the amount likely varies during the day. That makes it a little harder to get an accurate measure.

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