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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the normal ratio of albumin to creatinine in urine?

Although one can always check for albumin levels in the urine by doing a simple test, the advantage of calculating the ACR is that this ratio remains unaffected by any kind of variation in the concentration in urine. The normal ratio of albumin to creatinine is seen to be around less than 30 mg/g of creatinine.

What is A microalbumin creatinine ratio (ACR)?

Other names: albumin-creatinine ratio; urine albumin; microalbumin, urine; ACR; UACR What is it used for? A microalbumin creatinine ratio is most often used to screen people who are at higher risk for kidney disease. These include people with diabetes or high blood pressure.

What is an albumin-creatinine ratio test?

Skip to the navigation. An albumin-creatinine ratio test compares the amounts of albumin and creatinine in your urine. Albumin (say "al-BYOO-mun") is normally found in the blood. When the kidneys are damaged, small amounts of albumin (microalbumin) leak into the urine.

How do you test for microalbumin creatinine ratio?

For a microalbumin creatinine ratio you will be asked to provide either a 24-hour urine sample or a random urine sample. For a 24-hour urine sample, you will need to collect all urine passed in a 24-hour period.

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