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Frequently Asked Questions

How often to check albumin creatinine ratio?

Urine Albumin and Albumin to Creatinine Ratio. Once a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes is made and then annually; 5 years after diagnosis of type 1 diabetes and then annually; at regular intervals when you have high blood pressure.

How to increase albumin levels through diet?

How to Increase Albumin Levels. A diet that contains protein rich foods, especially foods that are rich in albumin including egg whites and hemp seeds should be consumed to increase the protein levels in the body. Consuming a lot of milk, cream and other daily products along with carbohydrates would prove to be useful in this condition.

What is UACR test?

UACR tests for a small amount of albumin, not smaller molecules. If you are diabetic, each year your doctor will test a sample of your urine to see if your kidneys are leaking albumin, even in small amounts. It is good news if your kidneys are not leaking even small amounts of albumin.

What causes elevated microalbumin levels?

An acute increase in microalbumin level can occur from the presence of urinary tract infection or after a bout of vigorous exercise. If you have a moderate increase in microalbumin from one test, make follow up appointments with your physician to retest and confirm your levels. Work to lower your blood pressure back to normal range.

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