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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an armor mod for Aliens Colonial Marines?

Some games will require you to relaunch them before the item will be downloaded. This humble mod adds all (okay, most) of the armor customization options from Aliens: Colonial Marines, and also expands on the original selections. As a result, the following is available for both genders:

What kind of armor did they use in Aliens?

A member of the 3rd Marines in Vietnam with graffiti on his helmet and flak jacket. The Marine armor used in Aliens was designed by director and writer James Cameron and Emma Porteus and built by Terry English primarily out of aluminum lined with foam.

What kind of gear do US Marines wear?

United States Colonial Marine wearing 'warm, temperature' BDUs, M3 armor and webbing, standard equipment pouches, combat knife, 30mm grenade bandolier, shoulder lamp, hand welder and wrist locater transponder.

What is the M3 pattern personal armor?

The M3 Pattern Personal Armor, also known as the Armored Vest, is the standard ballistic protective armor system employed by the United States Colonial Marine Corps in the 22nd century. Manufactured by Armat Battlefield Systems, it is designed to balance lightness and comfort with optimum protection.

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