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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fix the AI in Aliens Colonial Marines?

Sure, you could fix the AI in Aliens: Colonial Marines. Or you could play one of the best FPS games on PC.

Does Aliens Colonial Marines run on AMD FX processors?

There seems to be problem with game running on AMD FX processors where game crashes to BSOD or freezes system. Issue is similar to Borderlands 2 BSOD and fix also works with Aliens: Colonial Marines. Addition information and links to motherboards websites can be found at AMD knowledge base library.

Is there a spelling error in Colonial Marines PC version?

In a post on ModDB linked in a thread on Resetera, Colonial Marines modder jamesdickinson963 claims that a spelling error in one of the game’s .ini files in the PC version of the game is responsible for some of the anemic decisions made by the iconic alien creatures that act as the primary antagonists of the game.

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