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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the double parking rules in NYC?

Double parking rules, however, are stricter than you may imagine and may be an easy way to get a ticket. All of New York City is considered a tow away zone and double parking is considered an obstruction of traffic. While you are allowed to make quick stops to load and unload passengers, you may not stand or park while in a double parked position.

What is alternate side of street parking?

Alternate-side parking. Alternate side parking is a traffic law that dictates on which side of a street cars can be parked on a given day. The law is intended to promote efficient flow of traffic, as well as to allow street sweepers and snowplows to reach the curb without parked cars impeding their progress.

Is alternate side parking in effect?

Alternate Side Parking is in effect city-wide with the exception of the Snow Emergency Zone (unless there is a Declared Snow Emergency). Alternate Side Parking is in effect from November 15 - March 15, seven days a week, regardless of weather conditions.

Is there parking at Port Authority in NYC?

Parking at the Port of New York is $40 per day and the rates subject to change by the Port Authority. The parking facilities feature: Open rooftop, gated, outdoor parking lot under 24-hour patrol. Full payment due upon entering the parking area.

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