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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amerigroup Medicare or Medicaid?

Amerigroup’s primary product is Medicare Advantage, although they also contract with the federal government to provide Medicaid and Medicare/Medicaid combined plans as well. Currently, Advantage plans are only offered in Tennessee, Texas, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Washington.

What is Amerigroup community care?

Amerigroup Community Care is a managed care company chosen by the state of Tennessee as one of two health plans that provide health care coverage to people who qualify for TennCarein the Middle Tennessee region.

What is Amerigroup insurance?

Amerigroup Insurance provides its services in over twelve states in America and serves around 2.7 million people. Amerigroup Insurance is also associated with the state run benefit programs such as State Children's Health Insurance Program SCHIP. Amerigroup Insurance provides health care products to uninsured children.

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